ryan-anselmi-lookout-road-2019 Lookout Road Vol II

- Ryan Anselmi's newest Lookout Road release is a mix of Jazz, Blues, Americana-roots and Country music. The music on this record conjures up images of dusty roads, open skies and memories from his upbringing in rural Kansas. This collection of songs are not only true to his spirit, but introspective and reflective.

This Album Features:
Ryan Anselmi – (tenor saxophone)
Andrew Hadro – (baritone saxophone)
Myk Freedman – (lapsteel guitar)
David Caldwell Mason – (grand piano)
Daniel Foose – (upright bass)
Jeff Barton – (drums)
Hudson Mueller – (vocals/guitar)
Justin Wagner – (art work)
Quinn McCarthy – (Eng/Mix)

Recorded Live at The Creamery Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Ryan Anselmi - Movin' On Movin’ On

- Movin’ On is a tribute to blues and jazz legend, pianist Junior Mance. Ryan and Junior toured and recorded together in the early 2000’s. “Ryan’s one of a kind. He has a voice of his own and a musical sensibility that really excites a crowd.” — Junior Mance “Anselmi blows with subtle tonal shadings that reveal the player’s grace and insight into the composition ” — Downbeat Ryan Anselmi and Company stir together a mix of many American musical traditions that are sure to impress and if nothing else get you movin. This is Ryan’s first release on the Kansas City based label, Artists Recording Collective.

Musicians on this Record:
Ryan Anselmi – Sax/Harmonica
Daniel Foose – Bass
David Caldwell Mason – Keys
Whitney Lockert – Guitar
Jeff Barton – Drums
Steve Purcell – Auxiliary Percussion
Richard Poletchek – Trumpet * Featured on “Movin’ On,” “Jr. Walker,” and “Chicken”
Dave Stolarz – Keys * Featured on “Spanky’s,” “Dr. Foose,” & “Thank You Junior Mance”
Anthony Cavallo – Bass * Featured on “Blue Line Shuffle” & “Drown In My Own Tears”

Ryan Anselmi - Lookout Road Lookout Road

- Re-released on ARC in May of 2017, Lookout Road is a mix of Blues, Jazz, New Orleans street beat, and Americana-roots that conjures up of images of growing up in the mid-west and states of mind that incorporate both introspection and a sense of community. Anselmi has written a record that is not only true to his talent and his spirit, but that is fun to listen to as well.

Musicians on Lookout Road:
Ryan Anselmi – Vocals/Woodwinds/Composer
Daniel Foose – Bass
Jason Lawrence – Drums
Carmen Staaf – Piano
Sean Kiely – Guitar
Pat Penta – Mandolin
Chris Hoffman – Producer/ Vocals & Cello on Wichita